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Morning Miles : Natureland County Park 5.15.13

Growing despite deep wounds...



Morning Miles: Natureland County Park 5.15.13

Yesterday I woke with a stiff back and sore knee. The 5 miles I walked the day before for the beginning of my Morning Miles weren't kind to my body. If I just keep moving, though, I know I'll work out the muscle cramps and sore joints. Staying sedentary only seems to make things worse. I also realize I should have prepared myself a little more--but really, I thought I was ready. I've been sporadically walking approximately 2 miles every other day before officially starting this project.

Determined to push through the pain, […]

Morning Miles

With each step I clear the chaos in my mind, reconnect to my body, and come back to myself...

Compelled Towards the Bridge

Compelled Towards the Bridge : Photo taken by Darcey Rojas 5-14-13
Morning Miles
I’ll just keep walking, regardless of my “obligations” because this is what I need to do today to come back to myself.
 (from my journal - August 2011)

Sometimes that is all I can do.

I wake up, and once the kids are off to school or I have a moment to slip away from everything that is begging for my attention—I walk.

I put one foot in front of the other until I feel strong enough to keep going. I breathe in the fresh air, […]