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From idea to completed manuscript to published! See how I made it happen...

Ever wonder how the process of writing a book and getting it published works? Follow my updates below to see exactly how my process has unfolded:


April 12th, 2013 — I will be attending the 24th Annual Writer’s Institute in Madison, WI  where I will be pitching my memoir to two different agents! Wish me luck :) Hopefully I’ll be close to wrapping up my manuscript by then, too! While I’m there, I’ll also be attending the following seminars: Writing a Renegade Book Proposal, How to Turn a Journal into a Book, Finding Meaning in the World Around You, and the Art of the Query Letter.


March 16th, 2013 — Attended UW Madison’s Writer’s Toolkit Workshop taught by Laurie Scheer in preparation for the 24th Annual Writer’s Institute in Madison next month! Came home feeling super excited after receiving a lot of positive feedback after pitching my memoir to the entire class :)  Ready to finish up my book proposal with the help of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan, nail my query letter, synopsis, and one sentence log line.


January – March 14th, 2013 — Just completed another 9 week, Write a Spiritual/Healing Memoir workshop with Linda Joy Meyers of the National Association of Memoir Writers. The result = 8 more completed chapters added to my memoir manuscript!! (At last count, I’m around 90,00 words) And, I connected with some lovely women who are writing some amazing stories :) I’m still debating if I want to sign up again. If I do, it will be my third round! I love having a deadline that encourages me to have one more fully fleshed out chapter ready each week, and the insights/feedback I receive keep me moving forward.


November – December 2012 — I finished up a few more chapters which were very difficult to revisit. I’m exhausted now and feel I need to rest. There is so much to do with the holidays coming. I think I need to reserve my energy…


September – October 2012 — I discovered the National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW) where I signed up for my first online workshop: Write a Spiritual/Healing Memoir with Linda Joy Meyers. Over the course of 9 weeks I’ve learned more about how to heal through your writing than ever. During this time, I’ve made it through the first quarter of my memoir. I’ve revisited painful moments, and I’ve grown as a woman and a writer. Nothing compares to this, and I know without a doubt that I am finally doing what I am truly meant to be doing. I’m 40,000 words into my manuscript


July 15th – 20th 2012 — Had an absolutely amazing week in Iowa at the Iowa Summer Writing Festival!! My letterpress sold just in time to help fund a workshop with Hope Edelman on Starting the Memoir: From Idea to First Ten Pages. It was such a great experience, getting to work with an author I admire. And I met a bunch of new ladies that are truly inspiring. You can read more about the trip in my post: Believe That You Are Powerful Beyond Measure.


June 22nd-July 15th 2012 — I’m writing like crazy! Everyday I wake up at 4am, unable to sleep, my story running through my mind. I’m writing about my mother’s death…it’s not where I expected to start, but it feels like it is where I’m meant to be. Five chapters already complete.


June 18th-22nd 2012 — I was approved for a last minute scholarship and attended the Write by the Lake Writer’s Workshop and Retreat at UW Madison where I took my first steps towards sharing my memoir concept and received positive feedback! It sounds like my concept is already considered a meta-text! I connected with writing instructors Laurie Scheer and Bridgett Birdsall–two women who offer a lot of inspiration to new writers in Wisconsin and who have offered to schedule monthly check-in dates to monitor my progress :)


June 2012 — I’ve decided that NOW is the time to write my memoir.  I’ve spent the last 6 months healing from a herniated disc, I’ve already put the majority of my photography business on hold, and I have pages and pages of notes and previous writing that are begging to be put into a cohesive story! To help fund my writing endeavors…I’ve decided to sell my letterpress equipment and one of my cameras.

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