Manifesto of Encouragement

I will accept and appreciate who I am in this moment, and I will be compassionate towards the person I am becoming.

I will believe that through cultivating new thought patterns and reactions to stress or injustice I will regain my own power.

I will surrender to that which I can’t control by not allowing it to dictate my thoughts, worries, or fears.

I will fully accept that the only way someone will change their own behavior is if it is an inherent desire to do so on their own.

I will trust that my soul knows what it needs to go beyond mere survival—that it knows what it needs to thrive regardless of how illogical and impossible it sounds to my left brained linear logic!

Each day, I will practice patience…

I will pause and listen to what my body and soul require and take immediate action to meet those needs.

And above all, I will have faith that my unique journey will lead me to where I am meant to be.



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