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My unconventional journey towards happiness continues…

Fear Sucks ~ Resilience Takes Practice

My Equine Friend Cleo

When Everything Changes ~ Go With the Flow

Announcing my new project: The Compassionate Home

Believe in Possibilities

True Healing and Transformation Begins at Home

Committing to a summer of exploring the impact of our physical environment on health and well-being...


I Have Bad Days Too

Eradicate self-criticism + share the struggle...

Overcoming my fear of being in front of the camera

Morning Miles : Natureland County Park 5.15.13

Growing despite deep wounds...


Morning Miles

With each step I clear the chaos in my mind, reconnect to my body, and come back to myself...

Compelled Towards the Bridge

Have You Had Your Harajuku Moment?

The moment when we decide to make a dramatic shift with our lives...

Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico - December 2010

The Distance Between Us

Reflecting on Mother's Day and the gift of forgiveness...

My mother and I on a Florida vacation in 1995, a year before I "divorced" her.

Mother’s Day Can Be Complicated

My struggle to navigate the complicated emotions that surface on Mother's Day

My Mother: Laura Redner 1956 - 2004

Struggling with Intention: Why Writing Memoir is so Difficult