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Announcing my new project: The Compassionate Home

Believe in Possibilities

Believe in Possibilities

I’ve been resisting change lately, which is unusual. Normally I crave it. Normally I look forward to the adventure and possibility of it. Instead, this new rebellion of my soul to fight against everything that is shifting has been uncomfortable and frustrating.

It’s summer break here. The kids are out of school. My husband is working longer hours, my son is training as a mechanic’s apprentice and welder in his grandfather’s shop, and my daughter is home all the time. It’s been a struggle to adapt to the new schedules and routines. Plus I’ve lost a lot of the time I used to have for my own creative work and writing. That’s where my soul rebels. I hadn’t noticed how content I was with the way things were—how much I needed that solitary time to write and create.

As a result of these changes, I’m working on reframing my thinking. In my mind I know that every one of my plans that fail is nothing more than a new opportunity for growth. I know I must let go of the way things were and create new plans, new ideas, and new routines. In the process, I also have to allow my heart to mourn what my soul has marked as a loss; then move forward. It won’t serve anyone any good if I dwell on all the things it can’t have in this moment.

Transformation, Growth, Change—it’s all forward movement—even if it’s uncomfortable.

I’ll admit, for two weeks I was an emotional mess—mourning all that I felt I had lost, but now I’m starting to see the light again. I’m starting to see I haven’t really lost anything—it’s just different. It’s time to focus on different projects and a different way of living. It’s time to focus on a lifestyle and workstyle that goes with the flow of this seasonal change.

For me that means working on projects and creative ideas that are more inclusive of my family. It means accepting that the plethora of ideas I am flooded with on a monthly/weekly/daily basis all have a season. They all have a flow. Some of my greatest aspirations (like writing my memoir and one day creating a wellness institute that offers workshops and retreats in personal development and experiential education) are ideas that need to happen later in life when my children are at an age where they can be included. To pursue such things right now just wouldn’t make sense. I’d be too far away from my family and jeopardizing our collective state of happiness.

Thankfully it’s only taken a couple weeks to extract one of my other endeavors that have been percolating in my mind for a while now—and I’m super excited about it. This spark of an idea has been growing for nearly seven years—as if it’s been waiting for exactly the right time and circumstance to present itself.

Apparently the time is now :)

With that said, I’m excited to announce my new summer project (and website in the works): The Compassionate Home. It’s the perfect marriage between my educational background and the passion my husband and I have for renovating our house, designing custom furniture, and creating unique home décor that fits our family’s needs and aesthetic style.

As I mentioned in my previous post, True Transformation and Healing Begins at Home, my house has called out to me. It’s asking that I pay attention to it, and in turn pay more attention to the people I share it with. Through this project I will be exercising my creativity, writing, and finding ways to bring my family closer—what better way to spend my time?

This summer will be dedicated to rekindling my love for Holistic Interior Architecture and Empathic Design. Throughout the next few months I will be working on my theories and concepts for creating The Compassionate Home and exploring methods for incorporating Empathic Design into a transformative home renovation that creates a place of healing and support for every member of my family.

To begin with, I’m looking at all the areas in our home that lead to stress, frustration, and family tension—and developing ways to troubleshoot these problems on a budget without sacrificing beauty and creativity.

My daughter’s excited about this new project, too. Even though she’s only six-years old, she’s ready to design a space of her own and help me refinish some furniture. I knew this concept and project were exactly the right fit when I witnessed her sitting on the bed, looking off in the distance. “Nope, I can’t picture it pink,” she said. “Yep, it’s blue. I see it blue with white trim. And the closet doors have flowers on them. Can I pick out my new bed?”

My Little Artist

My Little Artist

I love it!!! Already her little mind is seeing the world in creative visions, just like her mama’s! Working on her personal space also means she gets to flex her own creativity and have mommy and Cheeky days that revolve around doing art projects together. Even my son is getting into the flow, devising ways to build a custom platform for his bed that will go into his new basement room.

Right now, I’m not sure how all of this will develop, or if it will go beyond the summer. I just know it’s what my family and I need. We need a home that supports the diversity of our personalities and potential—a house that gives us each a place to rest and recuperate from the outside world, while also offering a space to experiment and explore our various interests.

As I get closer to launching The Compassionate Home website, I’ll let you know. I figure it’s best to put all of my theories, methods, research, before and after photos, and tutorials on a separate site dedicated to that concept. Darceyrojas.com will remain active, but I’m going to designate it as my place to talk about what’s on my mind, the other healing therapies I explore and, as always, my writing life. In essence, I see it being the hub of all my creative endeavors. Darceyrojas.com is me—it’s the essence of who I am, and provides links to my various projects as they unfold.

It’s a work in progress. It’s my Life in Progress. For now, I’m just trying to take it one day at a time—to go with the flow and let life unravel the way it’s meant to.

Wish me luck!


With love and light,

~ Darcey

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