Have You Had Your Harajuku Moment?

The moment when we decide to make a dramatic shift with our lives...

Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico - December 2010

Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico – December 2010

Have You Had Your Harajuku Moment?

“Harajuku Moment = the moment when we decide to make a dramatic shift with our lives to improve our health, diet, fitness goals and mental stability.”

~ Tim Ferriss, author of The 4 Hour Work Week


When I first read this quote, I thought, “I’ve had several of those!” But for some reason, the decision to change never really stuck until my body broke. It wasn’t until I was lying in bed with a herniated disc, unable to walk, sit, or stand—consumed by depression and a delayed response to grief—that I had my real Harajuku Moment.

Lying there in the darkness of my room, I had a single vision—a vision I first saw when I was standing on Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico—a life changing journey I took to meet my husband’s family for the first time in 2010.

Standing there on the sun drenched sand, the waves crashing along the shore of this foreign land, I had asked myself: How do you come alive? For I had spent so many seasons living in darkness, I didn’t want to hide anymore.

What I came to learn since that day was that it happens slowly at first—almost imperceptibly.

You catch a whisper here, a glimpse—a moment.

Something shimmers briefly—drawing you towards it, hesitant, but nevertheless compelled to move forward.

It shifts and moves, transforming itself into another form or entity—yet there’s something in that shimmer that feels familiar and unknown all at once.

I saw that. I felt it—standing on the beach in Mexico. I saw a vision of her: the way she moved—free from pain. The way she breathed with ease. She laughed and smiled as she playfully ran away.

I recognized the people with her—my son, my daughter, my husband.

And she danced, twirling in the sand mock ballerina style, as the sun bounced off the waves and took up residence in the strands of her hair.

She looked so strong—so happy. How can I not become her? I asked.

That glimpse of who I could become has carried me forward and led me to take drastic leaps of faith.

Whatever it was I saw, felt, or experienced on that beach…I have to have it.

I was given a glimpse of my true self. I could see my potential.

And now, I can do nothing but swim up out of the darkness—to move and dance until I truly am free of pain.

I will catch up to her. Just watch and see…

That was my Harajuku Moment. That vision is what I have held onto ever since I came home from Mexico. It’s what I picture when I’m worn down and tired—when I’m in the thick of my darkest days. It’s what I see when I know I have to make a conscious effort to eat well and walk everyday. And it’s what I envision with every life choice I make.

The process of awakening can be gradual or instantaneous. I feel like my awakening happened gradually until the day my back gave out. However it happens, knowing what and how to change is often the most difficult part—and that’s what I will be helping you discover on this blog.


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And, if you’ve had your own Harajuku Moment, please share in the comments below. I’d love to read about your life changing moment of awakening.


With love and encouragement,


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